3 Tips for Hiring Short-Term Rental Property Managers in Blue Ridge, GA

3 Tips for Hiring Short-Term Rental Property Managers in Blue Ridge, GA

How many days a year does your stunning short-term rental property in Blue Ridge, GA sit vacant? Every day it's empty is a day you're losing money! To boost your occupancy rate and start generating revenue, hire a short-term rental management company.

An experienced property manager can set your real estate efforts up for lasting success. You can avoid stress, increase bookings, and have peace of mind. Read on to learn how to find the best short-term rental companies today.

1. Check Experience Levels

With so many short-term rental companies to choose from, it's important to prioritize finding experienced teams. The property management industry grew by nearly 3% within a year. There are now over 290,600 companies to choose from.

Teams that are new to the industry lack hands-on experience. They may encounter issues they don't know how to solve. These less experienced teams often lack tools, resources, or processes you can depend on.

More experienced teams have learned from helping clients over time. They've built professional connections they can use to your benefit.

Their processes can ensure ease, consistency, and efficiency. They'll reduce errors, allowing you to avoid stressful situations.

Ask each Blue Ridge short-term rental management company how long they've operated. Look for a team with at least a decade of experience.

Ask how many properties they're currently managing. Make sure they're not stretched too thin. Otherwise, they may not dedicate enough time and effort to your properties.

Make sure the team has a range of expertise. For example, you may need help with accounting, pricing strategies, or navigating housing laws. Their expertise can help you avoid compliance issues.

2. Find Full-Service Companies

Try to find a full-service Blue Ridge short-term rental company. You won't have to hire more than one team for the help you need. For example, you may need a team that offers:

  • Guest services
  • Cleaning
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Screening
  • Booking coordination
  • Communication

Learn more about their processes and tools. For example, do they use state-of-the-art technology and automation? These tools can increase accuracy and efficiency.

They can also improve customer experiences. About 86% of hospitality professionals consider automation of operations a priority. Without these tools, you could fall behind the competition.

Think about the problems you've faced in the past. For example, perhaps your vacancy rate has increased over time. Ask the company how they can help you increase bookings.

Learning about their past experiences will help you gauge their level of experience and expertise. You can rely on their services to operate more efficiently.

3. Consider Reputation

Read online customer reviews to find a company with a strong reputation. These companies will work hard to keep that reputation. They're more likely to offer high-quality services.

You can find reviews on the company's website, Yelp, or Google Business. Read a handful of reviews from each source to get a well-rounded picture of each business. Avoid companies with a number of complaints against them.

Hire Short-Term Rental Property Managers

Hiring short-term rental property managers can help you operate more efficiently. They'll improve guest experiences, which could lead to repeat bookings. Use these tips to find the best Blue Ridge short-term rental management team today.

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