7 Tasks Handled By Short-Term Rental Management

7 Tasks Handled By Short-Term Rental Management

In recent years, more Americans (around 60%) have opted to take domestic holidays rather than travel abroad. Hotels, motels, RV rentals, and lodges are making more money from the local business. With short-term rental management, you can cash in as well!

Short-term rental management is essentially all the benefits of regular property management, but for properties that are only meant to be rented out for a few days or weeks at a time. Find out more about this incredible service in this quick breakdown.

1. Listing

The first thing that short-term property management will do is list the short-term rental/vacation rental unit. Vacationers can then have speedy access to the property's information and location and the ability to compare preferences and prices. This way, the owner doesn't have to worry about figuring out how to make their property stand out from square one.

2. Cost Calculations

The vacation rental management will compare the property's price against similar properties in the area. They'll also consider the demand for vacation rentals that fluctuates with seasonal traffic. They will then take these factors and adjust the nightly rate for the property to give vacationers a competitive price, boosting the chances of renting the property out.

3. Guest Screening

When a management agency takes responsibility for a property, a big part of its job is ensuring the guests are responsible people. The agency will do a lawful background check on the guests to ensure they're unlikely to cause damage or skip payments.

4. Keeping a Calendar

Sometimes a property's popularity outpaces its availability. To keep this from causing conflicts between guests or a guest and the owner, the vacation rental management will maintain a detailed booking calendar. This avoids overlapping bookings, and it also gives them the ability to pencil in time to do cleaning and inspections between guests.

5. Help Guests Check Out

Part of maintaining the booking calendar is helping guests through the particular check-out process. This involves clear communication as to when guests should leave, fee collection, and feedback collection. Feedback collection is immensely valuable as it can steer the rental unit towards being a few guests' favorite holiday destination.

6. Manage Repairs

The rental management agency will handle the repairs when accidents happen and the property or an appliance gets damaged. They'll contact the appropriate technicians or contractors and make sure they collect the necessary extra fees from the tenants.

7. Making Guests Feel Welcome

Short-term property management often personalizes tenants' experiences by leaving gifts and little welcome notes. Vacationers are far more likely to book again after being treated well in this way. Owners can then make more profits in the years to come.

Find the Best Short-Term Rental Management Service

Renting a property out for short holidays is a smart way to make some extra money. You can get the most out of your property by enlisting the help of short-term rental management.

Short-term rental managers take care of many tasks. They handle marketing, listing, booking, calendars, and check-in/check-out procedures. They also screen guests, help welcome them, and handle any extra costs and repairs that may come with vacation rentals.

If you have a property to rent out in Blue Ridge, Georgia, we'd be happy to help you out. Contact us today for all these fantastic services and more.