How to make your short-term rental cabin stand out!

There are a variety of cabins to choose from in the North Georgia area and each location has different offerings based on what the guest is looking for. However, there are several things you can do to ensure your cabin stands out when the guests are searching for their perfect location.

  1. Professional Pictures – The presentation of the pictures, including the order and professional quality is important. You will be able to tell the difference between pictures shot with a mobile phone and a professional shoot. The guest needs to know exactly how the cabin is presented. Make sure the pictures tell the story. You want to capture the kitchen, seating/living area, dining seating, and each bedroom. It is very important to show the features your cabin offers: the view, water, mountain, or woods and how it looks from the porches. You will be surprised at how many cabins I’ve viewed that just don’t give you a good idea of the property despite having numerous pictures. The trick is in the flow and the angles are shown so you can see each room. It would be very helpful to have a 3D virtual tour available if possible.
  2. Description – This is your opportunity to communicate exactly what you have to offer and how it will meet the needs of the guest viewing your property. Tell a story! Describe the cabin as you approach it from the road, how it looks upon entry, the space, seating, comfort, cozy feel, and exactly how the bed arrangements are. Families are traveling as groups and can have children of multiple ages, how the sleeping arrangements are configured will help them know if the cabin fits their needs. Are all bedrooms private? Are some sleeping areas open or loft areas? Does each bedroom have a bath or easy access to a bathroom location? Are there other sleeping arrangement options such as trundle beds or fold-out couches?
  3. Detail the location – My wife and I stayed at a cabin that said it was close to the primary location we wanted but ended up being 35 minutes away and there was nothing around it to make short grocery runs. While this might have been good for some guests, it didn’t meet our needs. Describing the timeframe from the main attraction areas will be important and the seclusion it offers could also be a key selling point.
  4. Amenities – Make sure you detail what amenities your cabin offer such as hiking trails, a jacuzzi, mountain views, river views, woods, fire pit, pet friendly, fences for dogs, play areas for kids, cable TV, smart TV, gaming, pool table, ping-pong table, and anything else that you believe will be of interest to potential guests. Make sure you show pictures of these as well.

My wife and I have been renting cabins for years, before opening our own (Property Management Company), and know from experience how important the above suggestions are. It can be the difference in high occupancy rates or missing the revenue potential of your property.  Just remember, outline what it offers and how it will make the guest feel by staying there.  Create the image you want them to have and what made you purchase it.  Your property has a lot to offer, it just needs a good story that tells it.