How to Stand Out When Listing Your Home for Rent Blue Ridge, Georgia

How to Stand Out When Listing Your Home for Rent Blue Ridge, Georgia

Imagine investing thousands of dollars in cleaning services, maintenance, and property upgrades, only for no one to find your property listing online. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many property owners. Before listing your home for rent, consider your marketing strategy.

Digital marketing can help you reach Blue Ridge, GA tourists who are actively looking for vacation rentals. In fact, nearly 70% of activity online begins with a search engine. Ensure your property appears for these searches by applying these strategies!

Hire a Professional Photographer

A picture says a thousand words! According to marketers, visual content generates more attention than any form of content. Nearly 75% of marketers incorporate visuals in over 70% of their content.

If you want to stand out online, hire a professional photographer. Stunning images of your vacation rentals will help you attract guests to your property listing.

Post on Multiple Rental Platforms

Share visuals of your stunning vacation rentals on multiple rental platforms. Using multiple platforms will maximize your reach.

If you're struggling to manage multiple property listings, hire a property management company. They can optimize your property listing to help you reach more guests.

Write a Captivating Property Listing Description

If your property listing lacks helpful information, potential guests will look elsewhere. Update your property listing description. Include:

  • Accommodations
  • Unique features
  • Property amenities
  • Benefits of staying

Use storytelling techniques to engage your audience. Add a call to action to encourage more bookings.

Optimize each property listing for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) will boost your organic rankings. Ranking higher on search engines can help you generate more traffic.

Share on Social Media

Help more people find your property listing by marketing your content on social media. Share your content on multiple platforms to generate more visibility.

Almost 90% of agents use Facebook to share property listings. While Facebook is the most popular site for agents, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are less commonly used. You could gain a competitive advantage by sharing your property listing on these platforms.

Over 50% of social media users share videos over any other type of content. Consider adding more video content to your real estate social media marketing strategy.

Video content can increase your shareability and engagement, helping you reach more renters online. As you gain more online visibility, you'll generate more leads. Video content can even help you generate brand trust and credibility in the industry.

Discuss Your Pricing Strategy

Work with an experienced property management company to develop your pricing strategy. If the price is too high, you could scare away future guests. If it's too low, you could lose money.

Your property manager can complete a rental pricing analysis. They'll help you set competitive rates to ensure you attract guests.

Start Listing Your Home for Rent

A lackluster property listing could scare away potential guests. Instead, use these tips when listing your home for rent online. With these tips, you can stand out on multiple rental platforms.

You don't have to apply these tips alone. PMI North GA Mountains has over 20 years of industry experience. We're the number one property management company with the awards to prove it!

Rely on our experience managing Blue Ridge vacation rentals. Contact us now to discuss your marketing strategy!