Vacation Rental Platforms: 3 Sites to Listing Your Rentals in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Vacation Rental Platforms: 3 Sites to Listing Your Rentals in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Are you looking to invest in a vacation property in Blue Ridge, Georgia? In 2021 alone, the Blue Ridge Parkway received almost 16 million visitors. It's quite clear that investing in a vacation rental in Blue Ridge is a smart decision.

However, there is one catch: you're not the only one who's got their eyes on a vacation rental in Blue Ridge! You're not the only one who wants to create a rental business for tourists.

You'll have to make your property stand out from the competition. This guide will show you the best vacation rental platforms to consider.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb remains the best option for vacation rentals. If you want to attract as many potential guests as possible, you'll get it from Airbnb.

You can add your online listings to the platform for free. Airbnb will charge a service fee and a commission fee for every booking.

It's also ideal as you can share several property photos. This lets you share as much detail as possible about your vacation rental.

Airbnb has its own rules which you'll have to follow as a landlord. However, make sure you also learn Georgia's landlord-tenant laws.


This is a great option if you want to offer a property with full amenities.

If you want to succeed with VRBO, you should have a fully stocked kitchen. Make sure your furniture is well-maintained.

You'll also want to consider adding technology options. These can range from SMART TV's to a full-home entertainment system. Many travelers will want to feel at home even in a vacation rental.

You can choose to pay a flat fee of $499 per year for the service. Or you can post your listing for free and be charged a 5% commission fee per booking.

3. Plum Guide

This platform is a lot harder to break into as it focuses on exclusive properties.

However, if you feel that your Blue Ridge home is a luxury property, then you should consider it. The biggest advantage of Plum Guide is that you'll be able to charge higher prices.

While Plum Guide will do the marketing for you, it's important to put in a bit more effort if you want to succeed with the platform. You'll need to hire a professional photographer for the property photos.

There are also stricter rules regarding maintenance. You should hire a property inspector to analyze your home's condition during vacant periods.

If you really want to succeed as a vacation host, you should also hire a property manager. They'll look after the vacation rental once you start booking guests.

Choose These Vacation Rental Platforms

You can now choose between these vacation rental platforms for your home in Blue Ridge.

Airbnb is the best option and doesn't charge any upfront fees. VRBO is ideal if you're willing to work a bit more on your vacation rental. If you have a luxury property, don't hesitate to post on Plum Guide!

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