Make the most of your weekend in Blue Ridge, GA

You can search Google and get ideas, and good ones, on what to do while you are in our beautiful town.  I’m going to provide a little insight in how to enjoy it and get a little something extra.


First, know that many others will be joining you in your visit.  There are great restaurants to choose from, but please be respectful and understanding because most are short in staffing.  It is best to call ahead for reservations at some of the more popular locations:  Chester’s, Harvest on Main, and Black Sheep.  If you don’t have reservations, get to downtown early and put your name on the list, and then enjoy the many great shops, kids’ park, and bars to pass the time until your seats are ready.  


The Dogwood is a great place to have a drink with multiple outdoor seating, tap options and you can grab your own beer in the coolers out back.  Nothing like not having to wait to get your next drink.  Another great option is Cartecay Wine & Craft that serves beer and wine from Georgia.  Try your taste of over 100 whiskeys from Whiskey and Water with great cocktails / drink options.  The staff is very knowledgeable and can provide excellent guidance. 


Planning a hike on the many trails is something I encourage just to enjoy the beauty, fragrance and peace of the mountains.  Avoid the popular trails/waterfalls and venture out to less traveled locations.  You can get plenty of information about trails, distances and difficulties doing a little research.  The further out the adventure, the less crowded it will be. Make sure you prepare accordingly and have plenty of snacks, water and let someone know where you are going.  


After a great day of adventure, you have to stop by Grumpy Old Men brewery just to try the Choco Blanco and there many other homemade brews.  This is one tourist location you must go to if you love beer!   Another great one to visit is Angry Hops Brewery close to downtown Blue Ridge.  It is in a repurposed service station and has excellent choices for any taste bud.  


There are some great wineries to visit as well.  One of our favorites is Serenberry in Morgantown.  It is a short drive from Blue Ridge, GA and has fantastic wines and scenery.  Engelheim in Ellijay, GA is another great location with excellent tasting options from very knowledgeable staff.


If you want some time to spend with the kids, Meeks Park, in Blairsville is an excellent choice.  Great walking paths, plenty of places for the kids to run/romp, throw a frisbee, have a picnic or just enjoy the pleasant, well planned park location.  It is an easy 20 minute drive directly off the main road, HWY 76/515.


Get your adventure on by Whitewater Rafting the Ocoee.  We use Wildwater but there are several other outfits in the area.  You can choose to do the Upper/Lower or half day Lower.  They are unique in their own right.  The Lower is the most popular and best if it is your first time!  Allot up to 4 hours for your total trip including arrival, training, on the water and return trip to base.


No matter your age, interest, or circumstances, there are multiple choices in our beautiful town.