HOA Board Responsibilities: What You Need to Know

HOA Board Responsibilities: What You Need to Know

Although homeowners associations are a phenomenon that emerged in the last century, they are still gaining popularity. Also known as HOAs, these organizations govern a community and keep it looking beautiful, for which residents pay additional fees.

HOAs usually have a set of people in charge, an HOA board, that holds general responsibility over the community. Have you thought about becoming part of an HOA board? Here is a brief guide to HOA board responsibilities.

Know Community Rules and Guidelines

The board of the homeowners association needs to know the rules that govern the community. Everything from marketing to property management can fall under these bylaws.

If members have any questions or concerns, board members should be able to tell them if something is permissible or not. They also need to be able to enforce the rules so everyone in the community feels safe and respected.

Communicate With Residents

With modern technology, it is easier than ever to communicate with residents in the HOA community. Rather than traditional flyers and mailers, it is much easier for board members to send out digital communication. Some of the most common forms of digital correspondence are:

  • email newsletters
  • text messages
  • email notifications
  • social media posts
  • online community forums

These types of communication can save homeowners associations money because they do not need to pay for printed material and stamps. They can also quickly respond to comments and concerns in an online environment.

Handle Disputes and Conflicts

One of the biggest benefits of an HOA is that it keeps a residential community looking beautiful and uniform. Unfortunately, following guidelines can lead to conflicts between the HOA and residents, or even disputes between individual residents.

An HOA board can meet with residents and handle complaints. They can also record rule violations and decide on appropriate actions, whether it be a warning or a fine for violating an HOA rule.

HOA boards also hold meetings to listen to the concerns of residents in their community. Usually, four core members are in attendance:

  • president
  • vice president
  • secretary
  • treasurer

HOA meetings are a great place to manage in-person conflict and introduce new rules and regulations to the community.

Manage Upkeep of Common Areas

HOA property management is a huge perk of living in a managed neighborhood. Residents pay extra every month for services such as lawn care and maintenance of common areas, such as playgrounds, picnic areas, and pools.

It is up to the HOA board members to liaison with maintenance professionals, pay appropriate fees, and negotiate services. They also handle issues that arise from residents who aren't happy with the quality of service.

Learn All About an HOA Board

Whether you want to be on an HOA board or you are new to an HOA community, it is important to understand the duties of HOA leadership. With this guide, you can fully understand HOA board responsibilities.

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